Gardening for Better Health

Gardening at home is a great way to connect with Mother Nature. And growing your own vegetable garden can do more than produce you healthy produce, gardening can boost health, save money and even improve mood.

Community gardens, backyard gardens, and even window boxes are getting more popular, and tomatoes and garlic are usually the first seeds new home gardeners’ plant. So, starting out your gardening and planting, trying first with tomatoes is a good plan.

The National Institute of Health goes so far as to suggest 30 to 45 minutes of gardening three to five times a week as part of a good approach to fight weight problems. If you can’t find 30 minutes at a pop, you can still reap some benefits by breaking up your activity into smaller parts. For example, you can do 15 minutes of gardening in the morning and 15 minutes in the late afternoon. This means you can also stay away from working in the heat and humidity of midday.

Gardening can have a great influence on physical, mental and emotional health and is good in helping people with special needs, or the elderly, as well as people who have mental health problems, or who are recuperating from physical illness. Research has shown that only spending time in a garden can help lower blood pressure. Gardening can also increase appetite and promote a good night’s sleep.

Still not convinced? Read more about therapeutic effects of gardening.

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